Jobs in the Hotel Industry

Hotels are available in every size, from tiny family-run affairs in market towns, to boutique hotels in fashionable big cities to huge multinational giants acting almost as small towns on their own.


It doesn't matter what how big is an inn is, the most important thing, will be the staff, most people have a career to complete so that the smooth running with the operation as well as the safety and well-being in the guests.

The following are the commonest hotel jobs, each as essential as the next. Not all positions will be for sale in all hotels, along with smaller establishments a single person might take several jobs, but also in the big hotels you'll generally find one or maybe more of the following:

Doorman / Porter - In hotels doorman will open the door for guests, take care of luggage requirements and hail taxis for guests. Section of their job is also to oversee the safety of the hotel.

Concierge - The position with the Concierge is always to assist guests in organising what you might want to do. From advising and recommending local restaurants and nightspots, to book tables, tickets, spa days and travel arrangements- everything to make lifetime of a guest that bit easier.

Receptionist - Expensive hotels receptionist may be the face with the establishment and usually the voice. The receptionist will be administration tasks, as well as taking bookings around the telephone and in person. Additionally it is their responsibility to check people and out of your hotel, taking any monies and identification and giving initial instructions to guests.

Chambermaid - Also termed as a domestic assistant in our hotel world. The part of the job would be to be sure that other areas from the hotel are clean and replenished of laundry, toiletries and also other goods.

Bar Person - The bar person could have a professional familiarity with local drinks and cocktails. They can also advise upon wines as well as what beverages would match what specific food. Higher priced hotels may Sommelier within their restaurants, more than just a wine waiter a Sommelier can advise and is an abundance of knowledge on the absolute best beverages.

Waiter / Waitress - A crucial an affiliate the hotel team, these folk bring food for you, in a choice of your accommodation restaurant or via room service.

Kitchen Staff - Depending on the sized the place you will have a number of kitchen staff; through the Kitchen Porter who the dishes and cleaning from the kitchen on the Head Chef who oversees all aspects of your kitchen and menu.

Grounds man - The lands men and Handymen make sure that any repairs or updates are finished maintaining your establishment in top condition.

Sports/Leisure Facilities Attendants - Larger hotels with private pools, fitness and spa facilities could have first-aid trained attendants readily available for advice.
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